About LIFT. Unley

In 2018 The LIFT. Movement opened its doors to the Unley community to bring high quality healthcare to the Unley community. LIFT. aims at providing a vehicle for movement to help people recover from pain and injury. Situated in a world class facility in which it shares with renowned training facility REVL training, LIFT. is able to work with its clients to get them back fitter and stronger than ever before.

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Our 3 core pillars

The method we use to help you achieve your goals in the quickest time possible


During this phase our main goal is to relieve pain and relieve pain fast. We use treatment techniques like massage, dry needling, taping, programming modifications, exercise and movement. Often combining multiple treatment options gives us the best and fastest results

Build a base

Once the pain has been eliminated we now move onto laying the foundation. This is extremely important if we wish to return to training and remain injury free for the future. We work on movement patterns and build a base level of strength around our fundamental movement patterns.


This is where the fun comes in. Now that we have built a base we are able to see what the body can do. We look to challenge the body and in particular the injured area by adding in unilateral, anti rotational, carries and other movements to increase the work capacity of the body. The other area of importance during this phase is building an engine, this gives the body a foundation to work off.

Where we are?

93 Unley Rd,