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This idea is something I have experienced myself in various avenues of my own health, but have witnessed on numerous occasions with my clients. I’m going to talk about this in the context of Women’s Health because this is where I see it most profoundly. 

Having a good understanding of your own anatomy can be empowering and progress your rehabilitation or recovery journey in leaps and bounds.

As a Physiotherapist I try to give as much to my patients as I can in terms of their understanding. But I have been caught out on a few occasions, skipping over the part of the appointment where we break things down and really explain the beginnings, where a problem has started and the anatomy and physiology around that. 

In a women’s health context, no matter what your reason for needing to see me, no matter what your level of understanding already is, I will ALWAYS break down the anatomy and function of the pelvic floor. 

The reason I do this is because we all have different perceptions and understandings of our bodies that we have developed over time, and some of these perceptions can be unhelpful. 

If we can, for example, understand where the muscles of our pelvic floor originate and insert, how they act and where they tighten as they contract, we can take that and translate it into how we perceive that in our own bodies. With correct anatomical understanding, we may be able to more correctly activate and control that area of our bodies. 

On numerous occasions the process of breaking this down to a better level of understanding has been a sole factor in someone not needing to come back and see me, because with correct activation, their symptoms resolved.

The pelvic floor is a great example of this, as so many of us disassociate from our pelvic floor and are rarely educated around it as we grow up. But this can be extrapolated to other body areas and other issues. 

The more we understand what correct function is, the more we can strive towards it. 

Lauren Osborne


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