Pelvic pain during pregnancy

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Pelvic pains during pregnancy – does this mean you shouldn’t train?

Pelvic pains during pregnancy aren’t uncommon. Women can experience pain in multiple places around the pelvis during pregnancy, including (but not limited to);
–      Pubic symphasis
–      Sacroiliac joint
–      Round ligaments

Pubic symphasis and sacroiliac joint pain are often a result of an increase in ligament laxity because your pelvis is preparing to widen for childbirth. The problem with pelvic pain is that it may mean there is instability occurring. This doesn’t mean you can’t train, it means you may need some exercise modifications!!

The round ligaments support the uterus, and pain here is from the weight of the baby – we can address this with some support techniques.Some examples of exercises that might be putting your pelvis under stress (with or without weight) include
–      Lunges
–      Step ups
–      Single leg Romanian Deadlifts

A Women’s Health Physiotherapist can help you understand how to adapt your training to INCREASE STABILITY, and alter a few easy lifestyle factors to decrease the pain. An assessment is still very important as this can help to rule out anything else that may be going on

Lauren Osborne


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