relief from the soreness of training

General soreness is inevitable for people that train. Our massage therapists help to relieve soreness and help get you back training at your best

3 ways to foam roll before a workout

The tips and tricks to stop getting sore after a workout

Problems we solve

We help our clients achieve the following goals

Sports People

If you are someone that is regularly playing sport you are bound to pull up sore, which may affect your performance. 

By having regular massage sessions you are able to make sure you are always performing at your best.

Gym based soreness

Lower back and neck pain is a nasty cycle and can be difficult to break. Often back pain is ongoing and flares its head throughout your life. 

We work closely with our Physio team to help break the cycle of acute and chronic back pain through our 3 core pillars – recovery, build a base and condition.

Running Soreness

As people that run and value running highly, we understand that you are bound to get some soreness. 

By knowing and understanding running we are able to make sure you are able to continue to run without limitation or the risk of injury.


Many headaches are tension based headaches and can be caused by muscle tightness. 

We are able to relieve headaches through a thorough assessment and hands on treatment

plus more!

How massage helps active people

Everyone that trains should be getting a regular massage to keep their body strong and injury free.

Decrease general soreness

Through decreasing inflammation and removing toxins from the body

Self care and relaxation

Refill your cup and remove the stress of life and training

Faster recovery

Prepares you for your next session so you can keep training at full capacity

Our Process

Ready to get started?
Step 1

Initial Consultation

-We listen to YOU and YOUR story
-Genuinely care about you as person and your injury

Step 2

Accurate diagnosis

We conduct a thorough assessment using the latest technology to gain a better understanding of your condition and path forward

Step 3

Develop a
step by step plan

-Relieve pain and dysfunction fast
Build a base
-Lay the foundations
-Get you fit and strong

Step 4

Measure and progress

Utilizing the latest technology we are able to get real data to track your progress and make sure we are getting the results YOU are after

Case Studies

Name: Jenny

42 yr old female, after getting back into the gym she started to develop some ongoing hip tightness and soreness post training. This slowly crept into her actual training session.
After an initial assessment with our massage team she began working closely with the team with regular massage sessions.

After each session she felt better and better and now no longer gets the ongoing hip tightness.


We use a combination of Trigger Point, Deep tissue and Active Release Techniques. These techniques help me identify trigger points in the body and relieve muscle tightness.
Clients come to me with all sorts of issues from limited Range of Movement, Tension headaches/migraines, discomfort in the muscles tightness and strains.
A trigger point is sometimes known as knot. It is a palpable area in a muscle that is painful on compression and can refer pain to another area of the body. Trigger point pain is usually related to pain during activity, although sometimes it can be constant and occasionally it can interfere with sleep. A common cause for a trigger point is a muscle overuse issue due to a potential weakness of an isolated muscle.

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