Knee program

Are you sick of training with knee pain?

We help people with knee pain recover from injury fast while continuing to exercise and train

3 knee recovery workouts to help you recover from injury fast

Decrease pain, strengthen your knee and get back to training again

Problems we solve

We help our clients achieve the following goals

Acute knee pain

Acute knee pain can be scary and severely debilitating.

Our team at LIFT. are able to provide you with quick pain relief strategies that will help you feel better quickly and safely. During this phase our main goal is to relieve pain and relieve pain fast. We use treatment techniques like massage, dry needling, taping, programming modifications, exercise and movement. Often combining multiple treatment options gives us the best and fastest results

Chronic knee pain

Chronic knee pain can be a nasty cycle. Often knee pain flares its head at the most inconvenient times, leaving you frustrated and defeated.
Through our proven 3 pillar process – Recover, Build a base and Condition, we are able to give you the confidence in your shoulder again and get you back

Sporting knee injuries

With our extensive experience in sports injuries and in particular knee injuries, we are able to provide a quick and accurate diagnosis, provide acute treatment and put together a management plan that helps you get back onto the park quickly.
With our strength and conditioning principles we will make sure that you will be able to maintain and surpass your current fitness levels throughout your rehab journey through safe and effective workout programming.

Gym related knee pain

As people that train and value training highly, we understand gym based injuries and limitations. Part of training isn’t just physical health but mental health and this is why we do everything we can to make sure that we find something that you can do.

Getting your knee pain or limitation better is the easy part but allowing you to continue to train and keep up your fitness throughout the rehab journey is the tough part. By knowing and understanding training we are able to help you not just stay fit but improve your fitness throughout the rehab process.

plus more!

Our 3 core pillars

The method we use to help you achieve your goals in the quickest time possible


During this phase our main goal is to relieve knee pain and relieve knee pain fast. We use treatment techniques like massage, dry needling, taping, programming modifications, exercise and movement. Often combining multiple treatment options gives us the best and fastest results


Once the knee pain has been eliminated we now move onto laying the foundation. This is extremely important if we wish to return to training and remain injury free for the future. We work on movement patterns and build a base level of strength around our fundamental movement patterns.


This is where the fun comes in. Now that we have built a base we are able to see what the body can do. We look to challenge the body and in particular the shoulder by adding in unilateral, anti rotational, carries and other movements to increase the work capacity of the body. The other area of importance during this phase is building an engine, this gives the body a foundation to work off.

Our Process

Ready to get started?
Step 1

Initial Consultation

-We listen to YOU and YOUR story
-Genuinely care about you as person and your injury

Step 2

Accurate diagnosis

We conduct a thorough assessment using the latest technology to gain a better understanding of your condition and path forward

Step 3

Develop a
step by step plan

-Relieve pain and dysfunction fast
Build a base
-Lay the foundations
-Get you fit and strong

Step 4

Measure and progress

Utilizing the latest technology we are able to get real data to track your progress and make sure we are getting the results YOU are after

Case Studies

Name: Jenny

38 year old female reported front of the knee pain after running one day. She hasn’t had a history of knee pain but has increased her running just recently.

Upon assessment it became obvious that she had overloaded her patella tendon causing inflammation and pain. By understanding her training and her training history we were able to put together a management plan that meant she didn’t have to stop running or going to the gym.

She is now back at 100% and pain free.


Knee Program is a 12 week program that involves 16 sessions with our physiotherapy team. At the end of these first 16 sessions we discuss with you our next steps.

The reason for the 12 week program is that it gives a checkpoint to work towards. We are able to delve deep into your injury, why you have it in the first place and then work through our 3 core pillars.

Our Shoulder program is $97 a week over the 12 weeks. All sessions are covered by private health and you can claim these at the end of your 12 week block
Absolutely not. We love helping the wider community and love to see pilates, yoga, running clients just to name a few

The answer is we can treat everything! The LIFT. team has collectively seen thousands of clients and have experience with a multitude of injuries and conditions. If we feel like your condition is something we are unable to help you with, we’ll be sure to refer you to someone we think can.

If you have anything extremely unusual or unheard of, or have any questions you want answered about a specific condition or injury before coming to your first consultation, feel free to contact us and we’ll connect you with the appropriate Physiotherapist who can answer your questions for you.

Yes. We have 5 onsite car parks and plenty of free parking on the side streets.
  • Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. You may be asked to remove items of clothing depending on the treatment area.
  • Relevant scans or reports from other health professionals. This won’t affect the way we assess or treat you, but will ensure we have all the information to get you where you need to be.
  • Private health card where applicable
No. We are able to see anyone without a referral. Occasionally we see EPC clients which are referred from your local GP. To find out if you are eligible for an EPC speak to your GP.
Yes. We take all private health cards. All you have to do is swipe your card on our HICAPs machine and then the health fund will rebate it on the spot.
Yes we do. We have a state of the art training facility that we are able to use for all rehab and performance training
Yes we do. All of our physios are highly trained in dry needling
Part of what we do here at LIFT. is help people with limitations. This might mean that you aren’t in pain but you aren’t doing something to your best ability. By having a deep understanding of training we are able to access your technique, program, how your body moves and much more.


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