Fix your deadlift program

Are you struggling with your deadlift?

We help people who struggle with their deadlift so that they can train pain free and deadlift with confidence

3 tips to improve your deadlift

We help people who struggle with their deadlift so that they can train pain free and 
deadlift with confidence

Problems we solve

We help our clients achieve the following goals

overcoming back pain when they deadlift

Back pain is the most issue when someone performs a deadlift. It is frustrating and can leave you not wanting to train.

With our proven step by step approach we are able to RECOVER, BUILD A BASE and CONDITION to make sure you are able to deadlift pain free and with confidence again.

increasing deadlift numbers

When lifting, it is common for a minor limitation or ineffective technique to get in the way of increasing your squat numbers.
We look at breaking down your movement and working on area that will complement your lift.

Learning to deadlift

From beginner to expert, all deadlifts should be taught the same.

We look at breaking the lift down into simple to follow queues to make sure you are lifting efficiently and safely.

plus more!

Our 3 core pillars

The method we use to help you achieve your goals in the quickest time possible


During this phase our main goal is to relieve pain and limitation fast. We use treatment techniques like massage, dry needling, taping, mobility exercises, programming modifications, exercise and movement. Often combining multiple treatment options gives us the best and fastest results


Once the pain or limitation has been eliminated we now move onto laying the foundation. This is extremely important if we wish to return to training and remain injury free for the future. We work on movement patterns, technique and build a base level of strength around our squat.


This is where the fun comes in. Now that we have built a base we are able to see what the body can do. We look to challenge the body by adding in unilateral, anti rotational, carries and other movements to increase the work capacity of the body. The other area of importance during this phase is building an engine, this gives the body a foundation to work off.

Our Process

Ready to get started?
Step 1

Initial Consultation

-We listen to YOU and YOUR story
-Genuinely care about you as person and your injury

Step 2

Accurate diagnosis

We conduct a thorough assessment using the latest technology to gain a better understanding of your condition and path forward

Step 3

Develop a
step by step plan

-Relieve pain and dysfunction fast
Build a base
-Lay the foundations
-Get you fit and strong

Step 4

Measure and progress

Utilizing the latest technology we are able to get real data to track your progress and make sure we are getting the results YOU are after

Case Studies

Gradual onset of back pain after a deadlift session. Initially it was some lower back tightness but over the next weeks it increased and started to affect his training. He would always pull up tight and sore after a session.

After a thorough assessment and taking some baseline measurements using our AxIT system we determined that he was lacking range through the front of the shoulder and had some weakness through the back of the shoulders.

We put together a step by step program that worked through our RECOVER, BUILD A BASE and CONDITION phase.

He joined our fix your deadlift program where we broke down his technique and worked on his limitations before we looked at increasing any weight.


Our ‘Fix your deadlift’ program is a 6 week program that involves 8 sessions for our physiotherapy team. At the end of these first 8 sessions we discuss with you our next steps.

The reason for the 6 week program is that it gives a checkpoint to work towards. We are able to delve deep into your technique, your limitations and your program design.

Our ‘Fix your deadlift’ program is $97 a week over the 6 weeks. All sessions are covered by private health and you can claim these at the end of your 6 week block
Absolutely not. Deadlifting isn’t always about how much you can lift. The movement itself is one of the most functional movements you can do and is an important movement to have basic knowledge of.


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