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Learn an evidence-based approach to Rehab your LOWER BACK!

3 lower back workouts to help you recover from injury fast

To decrease Pain and Mobilise and strengthen your back

"The lower back is the foundation upon which the rest of the body relies on to thrive"

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The LIFT. Lower Back Blueprint is your complete guide on the journey to making your lower back troubles a thing of the past, creating a happy and healthy system! The lower back holds the key to unlocking your body’s full potential, being the intersection where all roads meet, having to integrate and stabilise the infinite movement patterns our body creates.

In our program you will have access to: 

  • A comprehensive and progressive 12 – week program to help train your lower back of progress workouts
  • Learn about the key principles when managing lower back health
  • 100+ specific back exercises
  • Systematically build your strength and condition to bulletproof your back health

Our program couples scientific research with years of clinical experience achieving great outcomes with people just like you, giving you the confidence to get the proven results you deserve.


Problems we solve

We help our clients achieve the following goals

Acute lower back pain

Acute back pain can be scary and severely debilitating. Our team at LIFT. are able to provide you with quick pain relief strategies that will help you feel better quickly and safely.

During this phase our main goal is to relieve pain and relieve pain fast. We use treatment techniques like massage, dry needling, taping, programming modifications, exercise and movement. Often combining multiple treatment options gives us the best and fastest results

Chronic lower back pain

Chronic back pain can be a nasty cycle. Often back pain flares its head at the most inconvenient times, leaving you frustrated and defeated. 

Through our proven 3 pillar process – Recover, Build a base and Condition, we are able to give you the confidence in your back again and get you back doing the things you love.

Lower back tightness

Lower back tightness can be the precersa for lower back pain.Often ongoing back tightness is your body telling you that something might be wrong and that you should change or modify what you are doing.

The good news is that we can help you find the changes that you may need and then help you implement them, without you having to go through an episode of back pain.

Sporting lower back pain

With our extensive experience in sports injuries and in particular lower back pain, we are able to provide a quick and accurate diagnosis, provide acute treatment and put together a management plan that helps you get back onto the park quickly.

With our strength and conditioning principles we will make sure that you will be able to maintain and surpass your current fitness levels throughout your rehab journey through safe and effective workout programming.

Gym related lower back pain

As people that train and value training highly, we understand gym based injuries and limitations. Part of training isn’t just physical health but mental health and this is why we do everything we can to make sure that we find something that you can do.

Getting your back pain or limitation better is the easy part but allowing you to continue to train and keep up your fitness throughout the rehab journey is the tough part. By knowing and understanding training we are able to help you not just stay fit but improve your fitness throughout the rehab process.

Work related lower back pain

Work related back pain is frustrating. It pulls you away from doing your job and often impacts the quality of work. 

Through our proven 3 pillar process – Recover, Build a base and Condition, we are able to give you the confidence in your back again and get you back working pain free.

plus more!

Our 3 core pillars

The method we use to help you achieve your goals in the quickest time possible


During this phase our main goal is to relieve back pain and relieve back pain fast. We use treatment techniques like self massage, mobility  and corrective exercises and programming modifications. Often combining multiple treatment options gives us the best and fastest results


Once the back pain has been eliminated we now move onto laying the foundation. This is extremely important if we wish to return to training and remain injury free for the future. We work on movement patterns and build a base level of strength around our fundamental movement patterns.


This is where the fun comes in. Now that we have built a base we are able to see what the body can do. We look to challenge the body and in particular the back by adding in unilateral, anti rotational, carries and other movements to increase the work capacity of the body. The other area of importance during this phase is building an engine, this gives the body a foundation to work off.

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$ 99
  • 12-weeks of progress workouts
  • 100+ specific back exercises
  • Lower Back Training Education Resources
  • Detailed step-by-step exercise and education videos
  • Lifetime Access to the program


You can either regress the exercise to an easy one or you can just miss that exercise. We have a lot of education around exercises to make it easy for you to take control of your own journey.

You can always reach out to our team for any extra help!

You will get access straight a way so you can have a look around.

It is currently only $99! This is down from $499, however won’t be for much longer.

We have a full team behind us to answer your questions. We also have a live Private Facebook group which allows you to answer questions.
We believe we are able to provide a ton of value through both our programming and our expert education content. This allows us to charge less but deliver more value!
You will receive an email with all the information you need to get started.
We have designed our program to suit a wide range of people. In the end back pain affects all different types of people but in the end it is back pain.
Not at all! Our platform is super simple to use and we are always just an email a way.
Absolutely. We certainly don’t think this will be the case, however if you aren’t happy we will give you a full refund.

Your membership in the Lower Back Blueprint Program and community lasts for a full 12 weeks from the time you join. In that time, you will have access to the 12 weeks of modules, weekly programming and access to our private facebook group. Past the 12 weeks, you will keep access to the modules and previous programming weeks life.