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About us

Our Story

LIFT. was born out of the love of fitness and the love of movement. From LIFT’s inception in 2016, LIFT. has been all about working together with the athlete and the coach to find out what they can do rather than what they can’t.

We understand that exercise and training provides much more than just the physical benefit. For a lot of people it is a vehicle to manage stress and mental health and set people up to be the best version of themselves. By having a thorough understanding of the fitness athlete, we know that for the athlete, losing the ability to exercise is like losing a piece of themselves.

This is where LIFT. came from.

LIFT. isn’t physio. LIFT. isn’t personal training.

At LIFT. we have reinvented rehab to make it truly personal. Within the rehab process we keep you moving and keep you training (through limitations)! After all, you want to train, stay fit and look after your physical and mental health. LIFT. is about providing a vehicle to allow this to happen; a vehicle that helps you become a better version of yourself.

plus more!

The LIFT. Difference

At LIFT. We are all about what you can do rather than what you can’t do.

We understand that fitness too many is more than just physical, it is a way of life. So for us we never want to take away apart of someone’s life.

This is why we believe there is always something you CAN do.

One of the reasons is we deliver rehab that is reflective of our clients goals. We are able to provide them with opportunities to continue their fitness journey through our individualised programming which centres around our 3 pillars







LIFT. Is a unique approach to helping fitness injuries.

Our Process

Ready to get started?
Step 1

Initial Consultation

-We listen to YOU and YOUR story
-Genuinely care about you as person and your injury

Step 2

Accurate diagnosis

We conduct a thorough assessment using the latest technology to gain a better understanding of your condition and path forward

Step 3

Develop a
step by step plan

-Relieve pain and dysfunction fast
Build a base
-Lay the foundations
-Get you fit and strong

Step 4

Measure and progress

Utilizing the latest technology we are able to get real data to track your progress and make sure we are getting the results YOU are after

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